Monday, January 30, 2006

A Word Of Advice: Never Pay Retail

(A page of CrossFit Ohio)

As my dear, sweet auntie used to say "retail is for suckers". Besides, it's so much fun to make your own stuff. Saves on shipping and gives you that too rare sense of satisfaction in a job done the way you want it. The following are things anybody with a handy hardware store, a little spare time and occasional access to a welder with a sense of humor can put together. In no particular order:

Squat Stands

Indespensible. These have been loaded to 405# and work great. Black iron pipe and fittings all 'round, 1 1/2" for the feet and stationary upright, 1" for the adjustable upright. I had the welder tack all the places that might be trouble if they turn (the feet mostly) and drill the holes. The caps on one side of the feet can be removed and a 3/4" or 1" pipe can be slid thru both stands for added security.


1" pipe, elbows, etc. I need them for the mental security. Others would say "live with the ambiguity."

Dip Bars for Stands

Holes to match the squat stand legs. I wrap the horizontals with grip tape.

Dragging Sled

1" x 4" treated lumber, screws and glue. Add a 1 1/2" loading pin (pipe and flange) lag screwed to a good, thick layered center plate, you're ready to go.

Medicine Ball

Start with a nice, clean basketball. Cut a 3" "X" in it, fill it with a mix of sand and sawdust (just ask at Home Depot or Lowe's, they'll give you the sawdust). You'll have to tinker with the mix to get the weight you want. Someone more obsessive than me (yes, it's possible) will have to post the ratios. Fill it pretty tight. Now wrap it in towels. Start with one, tape in place, add another, more tape, on and on, until it's the right size. Finish with enough tape to cover the towels. I added some grip tape for, well, you know, grip.

Pull Up Bar

Pipes and flanges. This one's 36" wide with an 8" drop. If I pull really hard I can hit my head on the ceiling. I mounted 2X6's between the beams to fasten the flanges to. A little paint, as if it's always been there.

Plyo Box
5/8" particle board is plenty. 3/4" if you must but I think it just makes it heavier. Screws and glue. Any size you want. Measure twice, cut once. Watch your fingers.

Farmer's Walk Bars

1 1/2" pipe with welded inside collars though any solidly fastened collar will do. 3/4" handles 6" long. I love these.

White Board

Simple and cheap. $9.83 for a 4' X 8' sheet at Home Depot. Cut it to fit. The frame is optional.

Grip Tools

Black pipe mostly. And grip tape. And too much spare time.